Workers compensation insurance provides financial care to workers who are injured on the job. Any business with 10 or more workers must carry workers compensation insurance, per law. There are many facts that people need to know concerning workers compensation maitland fl. The five facts below are among the pieces of information you need to know.

1.    You can receive workers compensation insurance for any injury that occurs while you are working, even one that you caused. It is a myth that you are eligible for coverage if you are the cause of the accident. Make sure the injury is immediately reported to a supervisor.

2.    Accidents can take place at any location to qualify for workers comp coverage. This means drivers and others who work off-location are still eligible for payments. Many people assume otherwise and do not claim the damages they’re entitled to receive.

3.    Florida law does not pay for loss of work for the first 7 days of the injury. After this time period, however, workers compensation covers lost time from work.

4.    Workers compensation pays out 66 ⅔ percent of your weekly wages before the accident occurred. The payments are made on a bi-weekly basis. Rules and conditions apply.

5.    In certain cases, a workers compensation lawyer may be needed to help you get the damages that you are entitled to receive. Lawyers offer no-cost consultations to help you learn more about the case.

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Workers compensation insurance ensures that injured workers get the care they need, when it is needed, after they are injured via a workplace injury. Make sure that you take advantage of what is rightfully owed to you if you are injured on the job.  Workers comp coverage is in place to protect every employee.